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The Longplayer Orchestra released their first album in 2011 and received a positive response in, among other countries, the United States. The debut album, "Longplayer", contains 12 original songs, several of them accompanied by video.

The fourth album of The Longplayer Orchestra will be released 2016. Have patience! "All In The City" is the first single, check out the brand new video!

The album, "How's Life On Earth?", with three accompanying videos, was released during the autumn of 2013.

All songs are composed and produced by  Göran Danielsson Hjertstedt and Ulf Holmberg,

To whet your appetite for the second and final album released in the autumn of 2013, we invite you to listen to The Longplayer Orchestra's song "In The Corner Of My Dreams":

In The Corner Of My Dreams

Hot Blooded Mary

Is there a Manning in you? Listen to our song The Manning In You!

Spelningar med The Longplayer Orchestra

Longplayer har haft roligt

The Longplayer Orchestra har haft roligt hela vägen. Videoinspelningarna gav många skrattanfall, spelningarna skapade en härlig gemenskaphetskänsla och våra musikaliska möten i studion gav bara mersmak. 


Här finns några exempel på våra kreativa, roliga och musikaliska möten. Resten finns på Longpalyerhits på Youtube!